Goodness is indeed a Divine Quality that is well earned through Divine deeds.  Though goodness is latent within all beings, yet, it is only the privileged few, as yourself, that do take advantage of such rare opportunities.  Indeed, I do feel extremely proud of you for your love and dedication, and the heartfelt support you gave to me during my recent illness.


Your humility and generosity expressed through your medical practice will definitely take you a very long way in life.  Not only have you become an instrument of God�s Hands, you have even won the hearts of your patients through the confidence inherited within them.  Truly, you are extremely blessed with these Divine virtues.  That Divine spark touching your patients will surely see miracles through those hands of yours.


On behalf of all the Devotees and Members of my Institution, I wish to express to you my very sincere and heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your generosity and services rendered to me in making me feel once more the person I was.  The Love that you have shown towards me during my treatment will ever remain as fresh in my heart.


God�s Richest Blessings upon you and your Practice.  May all your aspirations become a reality and may you ever be inspired to continue in such noble works with so much of love and dedication, is my very sincere prayer to the Almighty.


God Bless You.




Swami Premananda Puri

(President & Spiritual Head)


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