I am 14 years old and my name Kasheer Ramdhani.  I am a successful patient of Dr. C. Lin.


My problem f or the last 8 years is now a memory  I suffered a sinusitis and hay fever condition.  After a lot of running around from hospitals to   doct ors and trying many different kinds of medicine and mouth and nasal sprays I was losing hope.


One day my mum had the radio on and she hear Dr Lin on Lotus F.M. talking about acupuncture.  My mum called her and made an appointment f or me to visit her.  Like all other places that I had been to, I expected very little or even no results.


When I got to Dr. Lin she explained to me that she was going to insert needles at various points and she explained the process of acupuncture.   I was very nervous and expected a lot of pain “but” I didn’t know she had put in a few needles into me and she said, “Right that wasn’t so bad, was it.”


After only two treatments with Dr. Lin the problem has been solved.  No pain is the name of the game.


Acupuncture leaves no marks or scars, and it really works.  So I recommended that, if there is anyone out there who is suffering please consider acupuncture treatment with Dr Lin and I am sure you will not be sorry.


Thank you very much Dr. Lin



With regards



Kasheer Ramdhani

61 Armagh Ave


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