Hi !


I am Kay and I have been going to Dr. Lin for my frozen shoulder and lower back problems.  I found Dr. Lin to be a kind and loving person who radiates a feeling of warmth and gives off positive vibrations, who has the ability to make one feel comfortable and good about themselves.


I was terrified of needles but Dr. Lin soon put an end to my fears because I was not even aware when she was placing some needles on certain points as it was so gently done.


It only took four treatments to my shoulder and my problem is cured.  My lower back was cured with about three treatments.  I must admit I never suffered with any of those pains.


But unfortunately I caught my back again because I bent down to carry a box, which I know I should not have done.  I am on a treatment with Dr, Lin and already I feel relief.


I can gladly recommend Dr. Lin to anyone who feels they have reached a situation were they have no hope left, because Dr Lin will soon put them right.



Thank you once again Dr. Lin



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