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I am an Indian Muslim of 54 years and my name is Hawa.  I am one of many satisfied patients of Dr. C. Lin.  I first heard of Dr. Lin on radio AL-ANSAR and because of such intense pain all over my body I decided to go to her, and believe me it was the best thing that I could have done and have no regrets.


Bef XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 /> ore I came to Dr Lin, I have been to numerous doct ors and specialists but to no avail.  I suffered with migraine headaches from 1965 and in 1971 I started to have insomnia.  With both problems I was getting depressed and unhappy and it was showing on my family life, people comments, no matter how good it was, made me tense.  As I felt that people were being unkind and passing comments about me all the time I was on the edge.  My eyes felt heavy, my brain felt like bubbles bursting inside, my neck was heavily inflamed with continuous pain.  I thought I was going to die or was going to get a brain tumour or go into a coma.


Sometimes I use to think I will not see tom orrow, I also suffered with back problems I had an E.C.G. of the brain, it was clear, E.N.T. did not help either, the eye specialist said there was no problem.  Numerous physicians did not help either, with all these medications my bladder was getting weaker and every 10 minutes I was going to the toilets.


After coming to Dr Lin I feel as fresh as a daisy, a much happier and relaxed person.  Dr Lin’s positive attitude about illnesses no matter how big would be cured with Chinese medicine and acupuncture gave me hope and courage.  In one treatment my bladder was n ormal, I don’t have to fear going to the toilet.  Four treatments of acupuncture put my headache right, f or the first time I have a pain free head.  Two treatments of acupuncture and Chinese medicine cured my insomnia and now I sleep a n ormal 8 hours and get up fresh.  With energy healing my negative attitude, I look as life differently.  After six treatments to my back there is now a tremendous improvement (being a Muslim having to pray five times daily) you never know what a blessing it is to me, because I can now pray pain free.


I am quite happy with Dr. Lin’s treatments and I give praises she so richly deserves and many, thank you.  I can confidently recommend her to anybody suffering with any pain or illness.



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