13 January 2000






My problems with regard to my health all started in October, 99.  I experienced burns in my stomach which in turn moved up to my chest and arms.  I visited my doctor to remedy the problem.  He suspected ulcers.  I was given medication to cure the illness.  A week later the symptoms continued.  I was sent f or a Gastroscope.  The results were all clear.  I was told to change my lifestyle and eating habits.  Walking and exercise was also recommended.  Three weeks later my predicament w orsened.  The burns became very severe.  My body felt extremely hot, and I began having problems with sleeping.  I returned to my doct or a w orried and confused man.  I was sent f or a stomach, kidney and liver scope including a liver function blood test.  All the results proved negative.  Six weeks down the line I felt even w orse.  An E.C.G. and m ore blood tests were done, all proved negative.


At this point I lost my sleep totally.  It was as though I f orgot how to sleep.  I returned to my G.P., an exhausted and desperate man.  He re-examined and concluded that I was suffering from anxiety attacks.  I was given medication including sleeping pills.  After all the tests and running about who won’t get depressed!


My sleeplessness and burns w orsened.  I had to be admitted in hospital f or sleep therapy, f or three nights so as to catch up with sleep.  The medication prescribed to me made me a “zombie”.  Physically I was fine, but mentally and otherwise I went backwards.  I was really suffering.  I lost weight and my appetite diminished.  Two months passed and I still suffered with no sleep and sever burns and intense heat in my body.  On December 23, my mother-in-law Mrs Z. Amod phoned us from Durban and recommended that we come to Durban and see Dr C. Lin.  She spoke to Dr Lin about my taking the tablets prescribed to me.


I started my treatment with Dr Lin on Monday, 26th December.  After three treatments my condition improved.  I began getting a few hours of sleep without sleeping tablets.  The burns and heat I experienced eased off some what.  After the fourth treatment I slept for about three to four hours.  It was a real achievement considering I could hardly sleep.  What was a real pleasure to me was when my wife had to get me up to go for my fifth treatment.  Normally I am wide eyed hours before anyone else would awaken.  I completed seven treatments of acupuncture, including medication prescribed to my by Dr Lin to help speed up my recovery.  After seven treatments, I felt extremely confident.  There was a tremendous change in me, both mentally and physically.  Unfortunately I had to return to Middelburg before completing at least ten treatments.


I was given two weeks of medication to assist me with my recovery.  On my return home I was extremely pleased to learn that I was able to resort to my normal day to day responsibilities.  My sleeping has improved a great deal and I am confident that things will normalise in my life.


I most definitely recommend Dr Lin to anyone experiencing my kind of symptoms.


Her kindness and professional manner makes the healing process a lot easier.


Thanking you.








Cell:   082 673 0021

Telephone:  013-243 5366 (Home)

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