I am 12 years old and my name is Sheethal Lutchminarian.  My problem regarding my fingers all started in June 2000.  I experienced severe pain on two of my fingers on each hand.  I visited several doctors and specialists who carried out numerous tests, which were all negative.  I was taking strong medication to prevent further inflammation and for pain relief, but this condition, termed flexatenosinovitis (inflammation and stiffness of the fingers) had spread to other fingers on both hands.  I went for physiotherapy for about six months, but there was still no improvement in my condition.


I was taking Voltaren (25mg) tablets for about nine months and could feel the side effects of the drug.  The specialists were unable to diagnose this condition and told me that the pain would probably subside as time went by.  They also told me that the last resort would be a biopsy.  The thought of surgery really scared me and I only hoped and prayed day by day that it wouldn’t come to this stage.


It was only until June 2002, when a friend of my mum’s recommended Dr Calinda Lin.  After five treatments, there is most certainly a tremendous improvement with my fingers.  I can now bend them into a full fist and the pain is very minimal as compared to previously.


I am very happy with the remarkable improvement in my condition and am most grateful to Dr Calinda Lin who is such a pleasant and friendly person.  I can confidently recommend her to anybody suffering with a similar condition.


Thank you once again, Dr Calinda Lin.




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