Dr Lin has been treating my mum for her chronic sinusitis.  My mum was extremely pleased with her treatment and therefore recommended Dr Lin to everybody in sight.


Meanwhile, I had been trying to fall pregnant for more than a year.  I had received fertility for 2 months but was unfortunately unsuccessful in falling pregnant.


It was then that I decided to try alternative medicine via  Acupuncture.  Dr Lin treated me for five times before she left on a holiday, during which she prescribed a course of herbal medicines, which I religiously took.


To my absolute surprise I was pregnant that very month.  And 5 weeks later, to my even greater surprise, I was told that I was pregnant with TWINS!!!!!!!!!


Needless to say, I am now a firm believer in both Dr Calinda Lin and Acupuncture.



Thank you Dr Lin




Mrs S Naicker

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