Dr. Calinda Lin




I am 40 years old and my name is Anisa Naidoo.  I’ve been experiencing continuous sinus headaches for the past 15 years.


I’ve been seeing lots of doctors and specialists on numerous occasions but nothing seemed to help, until one day my brother referred me to try Dr Calinda Lin, after hearing about her from one of his friends.  I never thought this will help, but after seeing her I was shocked because I never felt better since 15 years ago.  I would recommend Dr Calinda Lin to anyone with sinus headaches because I know she is the best.


I was very thankful to Dr Calinda Lin for freeing me from my misery headache and also thank her for her friendly treatments.  I also pray to God to give people your skill to help more people.


Thank you Dr Calinda Lin




Yours sincerely

Anisa Naidoo


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