My problem with my health started in December 2002.  I was first told that it was a food allergy (fish or pork).  I went for blood tests and it was all clear.


On referral to a well know Durban Dermatologist it was found that I suffer from Hives or Urticaria.  Further expensive tests were done – all to prove clear.


I was treated with anti-histamines and had to do a proper check on what I eat.  At a cost I went for a second opinion to another Dermatologist – same answers.  Just different and more expensive tablets.  No improvement in my condition.


This was really difficult as the rash which comes out burns and stings whether I was cutting down on certain foods or not.


However the treatment started to include cortisone creams and tablets as well as a monthly cortisone injection.  By this time my medical bills were just rising and the total amount of tablets per day were 12 plus cortisone twice a week plus a monthly injection.  R1200 per month for tablets was just beyond my monthly budget.  Apart from the financial side I also started to put on weight, the red lumps burning and itching all the time were not getting better and I did not seem to get anywhere – this has been six months of hell.  My face and body use to swell up so badly as well that I could not even see out of my eyes from being swollen.


On coming to work on day looking like I have been beaten up again – a good friend suggested that I go see Dr Lin.  I thought this is it – someone out there should be able to help me.


I started treatment on 7 July – an after the third treatment I already felt so much better – the problem actually being a liver not detoxing correctly!!!!


After Dr Lin’s treatment and friendly advise on what to do I am already a different person feeling so much better, and enjoying my life without a skin that is red lumpy and burning.  I look forward to every appointment with Dr Lin – as she is kind warm and caring and has made a difference in my life.


I am sure she will make a difference in yours. And I will recommend her treatment to anyone out there.



Nikki Martin

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