6 December 2002


DR Calinda Lin

  32 Kensington Drive

Durban North



Dear Dr Lin


You were recommended to me by a lady I met in Umhlanga Hospital several weeks ago when I was diagnosed with a large stomach ulcer which the doctors feared was malignant.  Although the initial biopsies indicated otherwise, the doctors led me to believe they were not convinced.  I was given a week’s course of antibiotics and instructed to have a second Gastroscopy in 5 to 6 week’s time to ascertain whether or not the ulcer was in fact malignant.


You treated me by way of acupuncture and twice gave me Chinese herbal medicine.  You explained the acupuncture would relax me and improve my energy flow, which in turn would accelerate the healing.


Last week, which was 5 weeks after I had been diagnosed, I had a second Gastroscopy which confirmed that the ulcer had completely healed and the doctors informed me I would need not further treatment.


I had also mentioned at the time of my first acupuncture treatment with you that I often suffered from camps in my calves.  I have not had a cramp since that initial treatment.


Thank you for treating me so successfully.  I have always looked forward to my treatments with you as I found them to be very relaxing – something I need with the stressful life I sometimes lead!  I also appreciate your quiet, positive and pleasant manner.


Should anyone wish to contact me, I shall be happy to recommend your treatment.


Yours sincerely


Elna Long

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