My problem with regards to my health started in September 2002.  I experienced pain on the left side of my face, which after prescribed medication, developed into acute pains in my neck, headaches and dizziness with the result that I had no movement without support.  I was referred to a physician who prescribed a M.R.I. brain and blood tests which resulted in no diagnoses.  I was then referred to a neurologist who did more tests viz M.R.I. brain, lumber puncture, E.E.G, angiogram and full blood count, which also resulted in no diagnoses.  I was confined in hospital to flat nursing in bed with various medications but still with no improvement in my health.  After ten days I was sent home with various medication and told to have complete bed rest and to see the neurologist ten days later.  On arriving home my friend suggested that I make an appointment with Dr Calinda Lin for acupuncture treatment, who had been recommended by a friend of his.  Feeling that I had nothing to loose, this I duly did.  I was terrified of needles, but was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Lin’s charisma, kindness and professional manner that soon put my fears to rest.  Only after the first treatment I was definitely on the mend, now after the fifth treatment I am almost back to my old self with all of my problems, only memories.  I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Lin and most definitely recommend Dr Lin to any one experiencing any pain or illness so that they can experience her wonderful treatment for themselves.


Thanking you for all your kindness.








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