Letter of Recommendation



My mum Mrs. P. Jagessur suffers with rheumatoid arthritis as a result of an accident which occurred a year ago.  An acquaintance gave her Dr. Lin’s details and my mum contacted her and began the treatments.  My mum used to walk around with the aid of crutches and eleven months after the treatments, my mum now walks without crutches and even drives herself around.  She is very happy with what Dr Lin has done and swears by her treatment.


In June 2006, I was diagnosed with a condition called UVEITIS in my right eye.  I lost all vision and my mum referred me to Dr Lin.  Her treatments were remarkable.  After the first week, I was able to see again.  I was told that this was a recurring condition and shall therefore continue my treatments with Dr Lin whenever I’m in  Durban.


I would highly recommend that if you suffer with any sickness that you not hesitate to contact Dr Lin as she is the most confident and professional doctor and doesn’t make empty promises.


To Dr Lin – meeting you was indeed a blessing.


Mrs P. Jagessur

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