A letter of Gratitude to Dr. Calinda Lin





I am Fehzoonisa Khan of the Muslim Intro Bureau,  Johannesburg.  I sustained a foot injury 10 months ago and was unable to walk well for 10 months.


After some physiotherapy I still had not much relief.  My family in Verulam asked me to come to Durban and consult with Dr. Lin who had successfully treated them.


I have received few acupuncture therapies and already I am able to walk better.  I have lots of confidence in Dr. Lin’s treatment and I will continue her treatment till I have fully recovered.


I take this opportunity in thanking Dr. Lin for her encouraging words, good treatment and her valuable advice.  If you have any pain and want her to get rid of it, Do not hesitate to consult with Dr. Lin.


She will certainly be able to help you!



Ms Fehzoonisa Khan


Muslim Intro Bureau – Johannesburg


Cell:  0722233060   0118321694

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