Letter of Recommendation and Gratitude


  The problems regarding my hip started in the late 1980’s.  I experienced severe pains on my hip and this led to my legs being affected.  I could not walk without an aid for a few days.  I also couldn’t sleep properly and use the toilet.  This was very depressing and made me very unhappy and I cried.  I couldn’t continue with my work.  My family doctor would then give me a morbic injection.  This injection would then relieve me of the severe pains and I could once again walk properly.  Unfortunately the pains recurred once again, was the morbic injection.


At the end of 1994 I experienced a sharp pain on my left heel going through my entire left side of my body.  Gradually severe pains developed on my spine and on my neck.   The pains were so severe that my head would drop to the left and I was in no position to bring it up.  This continued and I had to eventually resign from work.  My family doctor made an appointment for me, to see a physician.  On the 2nd May 1995 I visited my physician.  He examined me and told my husband that I am very sick and that I must be admitted to hospital immediately.


I remained in hospital for about three weeks and was diagnosed with spondylosis and was told to have physiotherapy twice a week.  Nevertheless the pains on my hip and spine recurred and I was referred to a Rheumatologist.  I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylosis after numerous x-rays and blood tests.  I was prescribed chronic medication which I took continuously.  I was told that my health problems were severe and that I must continue my medication.  I was also told that I have a disease that could cripple me. 

This went on for a number of years.  Towards the end of June 2008 the severe pains occurred on the left side of my hip and I couldn’t walk without an aid.  I thought about Dr Lin, whom my cousin had told me about.  My first visit to Dr. Lin was on the 28th June 2008.  I couldn’t walk into her rooms.  I was hunched and in severe pains.


Dr. Lin diagnosed me and told me that there was severe blockage in my body.  She told me to be patient and positive and that she would cure me.


Dr. Lin immediately began with the acupuncture treatment.  I felt the needles at certain points only.  I can assure you that they are nothing to be afraid of as they are nothing like the normal injection which I take.  Dr. Lin also used the cupping treatment.  Dr. Lin told me to have a positive attitude, don’t live in the past, live now and in the future.  Dr. Lin prescribed herbal medication which must be taken properly as this plays a very important part in the healing process.  Honestly speaking, I was not very positive in the beginning as I always thought of the past and my severe pains.  Nevertheless after the third treatment I could walk more freely and I was not hunched.  The pains were easing of. Dr Lin continued to treat my spine and neck.  She told me that she will continue the treatment until she cures me.  I also learnt that the frequency of treatment is very important in the healing process.  I now feel more confident and have adopted a positive attitude towards my health and life in general and I am continuing with my legal practice.


I thank my previous doctors as they helped me to a certain extent.  The pains recurred in spite of their treatment.


Dr. Lin also treated my mother, who experienced burns in her stomach.  She would also visit the toilet a little while after her meal or immediately and couldn’t sleep properly.  Dr Lin treated her for the first time on the 7th June 2008.  She had about nine acupuncture treatments and was prescribed herbal medication.  My mother doesn’t have the burns anymore and doesn’t visit the toilet as mentioned earlier.  Her sleeping has improved a great deal.


Dr Lin, thank you for everything that you have done for me and my mother.  I must also say that you have a wonderful and caring staff.  I have realized that you are a very caring and positive doctor.  Prior to and at the time of writing this letter, I have handed your booklets to a number of people and told them about your healing powers.  ALMIGHTY GOD’S richest blessings upon you and may your practice grow from strength to strength.  May ALMIGHTY GOD’S powerful LIGHT always guide and shine upon you.


I thank God for guiding me and my mother to you.  Dr. Lin, I clearly remember you saying to me, that it is a miracle how I got better so soon and that I must thank GOD for that.  Dr. Lin, once again, a special thank you, to you.  I will continue to recommend patients to you.


Thanking You


Yours Sincerely              






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