In late January 1999 I had major surgery to my intestine during the course of which the sacral region of my back was inadvertently injured.  The pain was continuously acute and aggravated by sitting or standing.  It was not alleviated to any degree by the maximum dosages of a series of progressively more potent painkillers and anti-inflammatories.  Instead, the side effects of these ranging from nausea, heartburn, stomach cramps and diarrhoea simply made my situation less tolerable.  After having received physiotherapy up to five times a week for over ten weeks without relief, I was getting desperate.


A veterinarian, who has additionally specialized in homeopathy, has successfully regulated my dog’s long standing back pain problem.  I therefore did not hesitate to try a remedy she recommended.  There was an immediate substantial improvement and no unpleasant side effects.  I was able to return to work but a dull ache persisted that rendered me tired and irritable by the end of the day.  After several weeks on the homeopathic treatment the veterinarian recommended me to Dr. Calinda Lin who treats a wide range of health problems with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  After three treatments there was such a substantial improvement in my back that the pain in my neck from the position I lay in bed trying to read and watch television for so many weeks, became more apparent than my back.  Dr. Lin has continued to treat my back and neck alternatively and I have now had eleven treatments. 


The treatment sessions are extremely relaxing and have enhanced my general sense of well being.  I now have period of several hours where I am not aware of the pain at all.  However, my neck and jaw continue to be very tight.  To loosen this stiffness Dr. Lin prescribed the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine which she dispenses.  I have taken it for several days now and the jaw and neck on the one side already feel less tight when moved.  This experience has certainly changed my outlook on the whole health scenario and made me review my own rigid scientific training in favour of a holistic, interdisciplinary and flexible approach.

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