5 September 2008




I am 41 years of age and was suffering with severe sinusitis.  There were many days that I did not attend work because of the severity of my problem.  I visited many medical doctors and was put on various medication with very little and sometimes no help.  I have also had an operation to remedy my sinus problem.  Subsequently I was put on chronic medication for the rest of my life.


I went to Dr Lin with my wife and she diagnosed my sinus problems and also not being able to sleep well at night.


I started acupuncture together with herbal medication with Dr. Lin on the 4th August 2008. During my treatment I asked Dr. Lin if I should continue with my chronic medication that was dispensed by my specialist.  She advised me to stop this treatment and only take if necessary.  I must confidently say that I have completely stopped taking the chronic medication and experienced no problems with my sinuses.


I only had six treatments with Dr. Lin and am completely freed from my sinus problem.  I also sleep very well during the night; when I fall asleep it is as though I am “dead” to the world.


I strongly recommend anyone suffering with any ailments to consult with Dr. Lin, I am confident that she would be able to sure you.


A big thank you to Dr Lin to have helped me with my problem that I had for many years.



Ravin Gayadeen

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