My problem started about 6 years ago.  I suffered with severe itching all over my body.  My eyes and lips used to swell up like I have been hit or punched.  I went to three physicians and numerous doctors.  I had a blood test done that tested for a single item that cost R2500.00.  My medical aid was exhausted trying to find the right medication.

Eventually I was diagnosed with having Urticaria.  Nothing helped, I was constantly put on steroids but the itching and pain never stopped.


I always believe in guardian Angels. One morning, I just got up and prayed for guidance, then I went to the mind, body and Soul Fair, there I met Dr. Calinda Lin. Upon chatting to her, I visited her in consulting rooms.  After the first treatment, I still felt sick but did not give up.  With my second and third treatments I felt so much better.  I slept better, started to lose my weight that I gained from my steroids and my skin looked so much more radiant.


Although I am cured, I will still come to have a treatment now and then.  What Dr Calinda Lin’s treatment does is give you complete peace of mind.


Thank You Dr Calinda Lin


Surie Govender

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