A letter of Gratitude to Dr. Calinda Lin


On the 1st of July 2007, my husband, 2 sons and I were involved in an accident.  They were all slightly injured but unfortunately I fractured by 11th and 12th vertebrae.  The doctors recommended that I have an operation.


Through a friend I heard of Dr Lin – The XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 /> Miracle Worker.  On the 3rd July I started my treatment, I could not walk properly, I could not dress myself nor could I help my kids.


After four consultations, I felt so much of relief that I could actually do things for myself and my children.  Now after 8 treatments I am happy to say that I feel a big improvement.


Dr Lin is the most kind hearted, considerate and positive Doctor I have come across.  She is the BEST!



May the SUN always rise up to greet you,

May the WIND always be at your back,

May GOD shower you with his richest blessings.



Thank you Dr Lin



Mrs M. Govender

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