July 2007

To all who seek Good Health and Happiness


I was diagnosed with Systematic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE) commonly referred to as LUPUS.  Lupus is one of a family of Diseases which includes arthritis, rheumatism and the rare Scleroderma.  This disease attacked my joints, muscles, fibrous tissues skin and kidneys.


In my case, LUPUS was first diagnosed at the birth of my son who was born with congenital heart block as a result of the disease.  In 1999 the disease flared up and I needed huge doses of prednisone and other anti-inflammatory drugs to keep the disease in check.  My physicians informed me that there is NO CURE and that I would have to manage the disease from day to day by taking medication for all the symptoms – NOT THE ROOT of the problem. When I was first introduced to Prednisone, I thought this was my ticket to good health, it felt like a “wonder drug” and best of all, it was dirt cheap.


These drugs had numerous side effects as they were aimed at systematic relief.  Prednisone damages the Immune System leaving you vulnerable to other diseases.  At the end of 2000, I contacted Steven Johnsons Syndrome (SJS) which almost always results in fatality.  I was burnt from head to toe, inside out and suffered temporary loss of vision.  At this point I realised that Western Medicine was indeed flawed.  The doctors had basically given me a “death sentence”.  I slowly weaned myself off all drugs and in my search for alternative treatment, I chanced upon Dr Calinda Lin (January 2005).


At this stage most of my hair had fallen off, my eye sight was deteriorating, I suffered with extreme pain in my joints, and the headaches were simply unbearable.  This resulted in severe depression and insomnia.  This disease crippled me and forced me to resign from work.  When I first visited Dr Lin, I went with a very positive attitude but did not expect a miracle.  After three treatments, I was feeling a whole lot better! The pains had eased off and I was able to move much more freely than before.  After three weeks of regular treatment, I regained my confidence and my outlook on life changed completely!  My hair grew back, the headaches eased off, and the joint pains all but disappeared.  For the first time in many years I could sleep without taking a drug.


The TREATMENT and Dr. Lin’s FRIENDLY and POSITIVE ATTITUDE filled me with POSITIVE ENERGY and not only did I feel good about myself but about life in general! Dr Lin simply said “Don’t worry, I will fix you” with so much of conviction that I somehow believed that she would do just that!


Three years down the track, my family and I still visit Dr Lin on a regular basis (at least three times a month).  Dr Lin keeps my energy level and health on track – just what a Lupus patient needs! I have never had cause to go back to Western drugs since Dr Lin!


I take this opportunity to thank you DR CALINDA LIN for restoring my Health and for allowing me to have a normal life with my family and my career.  GOD BLESS YOU for your dedication and commitment to providing meaningful health care!


My family and I have total confidence in Dr. Lin’s treatment and I guarantee that you will feel the difference if you give this treatment as much patience as you give Western Medicine.


With Sincere Gratitude to Dr. Calinda Lin

Janitha  Durban

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