Letter in Recommendation of Dr Calinda Lin


After spending most of my adult life avoiding hospitals and doctors at all costs, it came as a severe shock when I found myself hospitalised in high care for nearly a month.  I was medically diagnosed with developing an ulcer due to the intake of too much aspirin.  Whilst in high care I had to have a urine catheter inserted die to my inability to move.  As a combined result of the long period of having to use the catheter and the negligence of the hospital in inserting the catheter correctly, my prostate was inadvertently damaged in the process.  This necessitated a medical procedure of having my prostate scraped, which was quit painful and intense.  After a painstaking additional 4 days in hospital I finally emerged weak, exhausted, and completely energyless.  Due to the prostate operation, I also lost all control over the passing of urine.  Not only was I physically drained, but I felt emotionally shattered as well.  On the suggestion of my wife I decided to consult with Dr. Lin.  I hobbled into Dr Lin’s office on my first visit, with the aid of a walking stick, feeling very miserable and hopeless.


Dr Lin immediately began with her acupuncture treatments and a course of herbal medication.  It was my first exposure to this alternate treatment and I didn’t know what to expect and quite honestly I wasn’t expecting much.  This served to heighten my surprise even more when just after 4 half hour sessions, I had already started feeling significantly better.  I felt stronger, healthier and much more alive.  After each session I found that I was slowly but surely regaining more control over the passing of urine.  I returned to work within only a week of Dr Lin’s treatment, something which my family and I thought would take at least a month. My life was finally starting to take shape and have some resemblance of normality.


I would like to extend my most deep felt gratitude to Dr Lin, for helping get my life, self respect and confidence back.  She has not only healed my body but my spirit as well.  She is truly a modern day miracle worker.


Yours sincerely


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