I’m nineteen years old, and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.  This is the partial paralysis of the face.  Besides having half my face paralysed, I was suffering from sever headaches, and a lot of pain on the side of my face that was effected.  My friend told me about acupuncture, and highly recommended it.  From her personal experience of going to Dr Calinda Lin for acupuncture, and how effective it was for her, she encouraged me to go.  So she gave me Dr Lin’s details.  Not knowing much about acupuncture I was nervous, but insisted to try anything to have a full recovery.  I couldn’t see any improvement at all from going to physio, and so decided to give it a go.


I would have been just over a week since I woke up with Bell’s Palsy, and seemed like things were getting worse.


After my first session of acupuncture with Dr Lin I felt a difference.  A percentage of pain was relieved.  After only three sessions with her I was seeing a huge improvement.  My headaches had disappeared and the muscles in my face were beginning to work.  I could begin to smile, and eating was much easier.  It’s been four weeks now and I am one hundred percent recovered.


I owe it all to Dr Lin and her acupuncture therapy.





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