In recommendation of Dr. Lin as a professional healer

In alternative medicine and Chinese art of Healing



My gratitude goes out to Dr. Calinda Lin who has assisted me through the ancient art of alternative medicine and art of acupuncture.


I heard about Dr Lin from a friend.  I am an adult male 49 years of age.  The agonies of pain that I suffered for a period of almost 30 years to my neck, back, arms, legs & chest, I was on pain killers & medication.  Medical advice was that an operation or numerous operations was necessary to rectify the problem associated with the narrowing of the discs + pinched nerves.  The side-effects of the medication has caused other complications & no guarantees were available to say if the operations would be a success.


At the time of writing this letter & after 3 treatments, I can safely say I am feeling better, my conditions have improved, my aches and pains have disappeared & I feel like a new person.


I most definitely recommend Dr Lin to anyone experiencing my kind of symptoms, I do hope GOD gives her more energy to assist other. Her kindness & professional manner makes the healing process a lot easier.




Thanking you,



Yours sincerely,




Kasi Makardoij

Phoenix, Durban

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