Landing at the   Durban International Airport after a strenuous 16 hours flight, left my lower back in a horrific, pressurised and absolutely painful condition which had created an unbelievable discomfort to walk, stand and to even sleep.


A good friend of mine had come to visit and was totally shocked to see me in that awful condition.  My friend then spoke about a Chinese practitioner by the name of Dr Calinda Lin who performs acupuncture which helps instantly. I immediately phoned to make an appointment, being given the earliest booking for the next day.


Having to get put of bed the next morning to attend my appointment was a real effort – the pain was unbearable. Lying on the examining bed while Dr Calinda Lin illustrated her acupuncture skills inserting several stainless steel needles at certain fixed points of my back, left me feeling absolutely tranquil.  The treatment lasted for about half an hour and after the first treatment I was able to move with less difficulty and that night I was able to sleep in peace.  After the second treatment I felt as good as new.


I would like to thank Dr Calinda Lin for her miraculous acupuncture skills.  I would most highly recommend Dr Calinda Lin and think it would be excellent if Dr Calinda Lin was given a chance to use her skills of curing ailments at a National hospital.


If anyone’s in pain – Dr Calinda Lin is the answer for them.  She has a pleasant smile and healing hands! Wish you all of the best Dr Calinda Lin.


Thank you



41 Burma Road, London N16 9BH

Telephone:  0171 254 0574

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