Ever since I was a little girl and more especially being brought up in an orthodox family, I was taught that religion was the backbone and essence of life.  One of the key factors in being a sincere religious believer is “TRUTH” and this is what my letter is all about.  This is not to promote ACUPUNCTURE, but to me it is religion in practice.


For the past 5 years I had been suffering with my kidneys and also a severe bladder problem.  Burning urine was like a part of my everyday life.  Hardly a day would ever pass by without me having to drink citro-soda.  Very often when I explained this to the doctor he would say that citro-soda would not do and that I need to go on good antibiotics.  The antibiotics no doubt would help but only for a few days I must admit.


Thereafter it was me again with the bottle of citro-soda, this was causing a real strain in my marriage due to the discomfort during and after sexual intercourse.  Eventually the problem got so bad that during sexual intercourse I would start to bleed.  This happened a few times and then I realised that I had a very serious problem.  I was then told about ACUPUNCTURE by an aunt of mine and was told that it may be a little expensive.  She also told me that I should not expect any miracles and that it would definitely take more than one time to get sorted out.  I then visited Dr Lin and she pulse diagnosed me.  She told me that I had a problem with my energy flow, I had cold feet, all these things apart from also telling me that I had a kidney and bladder problem.


This was so true.  Here was somebody that really understood my problems, to everybody else my problem sounded like the usual complaining to them.  After my first treatment I was able to pass urine with a full bladder.  I think that there’s nothing more remarkable than feeling relief after so many years of ill-health. So many courses of antibiotics could not help in comparison to my one treatment of ACUPUNCTURE.  There was no more burn and running to the toilet every half an hour with three drops of urine.


It took me about five treatments to get sorted out but I promise you it was well worth it.  I don’t have cold feet any more and sleep extremely well at night.


To Doctor Lin I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  To me its like you have given me back my health because I value it.

May God bless you immensely for having helped cure my illness.  I have faith and hope, no doubt, that you would be able to help many people like me.

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