I Rajesh Heeramun had suffered from severe lower back pains f or the past four years.  At first the pain started about 1:00am in the m orning, lasting till about 4:00am.  During these hours of pain, I was unable to sleep, walk or even move myself in bed.  I had to remain still until the pain eased away.


When approaching a General Practitioner, I explained my problem, but unfortunately he was unable to understand it.  He tried to help me by giving me strong injections.  Although the medication worked for a few days only, the pain became worse and lasted for a longer period of time.


When returning to the doctor he referred me to the hospital.  By this time the pain became so agonising that I was unable to move at all.  At the hospitals the doctor suggested physiotherapy which lasted for about eight treatments, but even this didn’t help.  I was also sent for a Bone Scan, blood test, urine test and an X-ray, all of which was clear.  I had gone through so many tests and tried so much medication but nothing helped me.  The doctor was still unable to tell me what was causing so much pain.


It came to a point where the doctor suggested that the only way I could try and find the problem would be for me to undergo a spinal operation.  This operation could either cure the problem or worsen the condition.


At this point in my life, I already spent thousands of rands and seen so many doctors, but still no one could tell me why I was suffering so much.  I came to a stage where I suffered day and night with the unbearable pain.  I started taking Voltaren tablets every morning and night to get a little relief.  After months of taking these tablets I became so desperate in finding a solution that I even considered going through with the spinal operation.


Just before going through with the operation I was introduced to Dr Calinda Lin.  A friend of mine insisted that I visit Dr Lin before going to the operation.  I already suffered for the past four years, I guess I would wait a little longer.


My first treatment with Dr Lin was different from that of the other doctors.   After telling Dr Lin my problem, she promised me that she would cure it and that I had come to the right place.  She told me that if I had come to her sooner, I would not have suffered for so many years.


Dr Lin practices ACUPUNCTURE which is something I did not know about.  I was surprised by the effect it had on me after only one treatment.  The treatment consists of needles only, hair like thin needles.  She inserts these needles being so thin, you don’t even feel it going into your body.  That day I left Dr Lin’s surgery feeling better than I ever felt in the past four years.


When I reached home, I looked forward to a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately the pain returned.  I went back to the doctor and she explained to me that at first it will worsen but eventually will be cured.


I never believed that was possible but I went for further treatments.  As I continued my treatments I began to see some hope for me.  I went for a total of ten treatments and now I can safely say that I have been cured.


I thought I would suffer f or the rest of my life, but thanks to Dr Lin’s magical hands I was cured after only ten treatments.  You would never know what a relief it is unless you have been there.


I cannot thank Dr Lin enough for taking away my pains and giving me back my normal life.


I now believe that Dr Lin can cure any pain or sickness, irrespective of how severe or serious it may be.




Many thanks






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