On the 21-10-97 at around 2.30pm I was involved in a car accident.  Never did I realise at that time that I was seriously injured.  I received a little bit of treatment from the paramedics and was told that I would be fine in a day or two.


However, later that day I had the most terrible back pain.  I was rushed to a local doctor and after treatment I was told to have an X-ray taken.  The very next day my X-ray was sent to King Edward hospital and a week later I was told that every thing would be fine.  After spending a whole week in bed my family and I was relieved there was no major problem.  Unfortunately the results proved to be wrong because since then I have been receiving treatment from the Doctor every single week without fail.  After a few months they referred me to a chiropractitioner.  Having gone for a few treatments I was forced to leave because it had no effect.  Then the routine with the Doctors continued every week until they told me to try a Physiotherapist but once again after a few treatments I left because of the same results.


I continued seeing the doctor every week until one of my family introduced me to Dr Calinda Lin.  Honestly speaking I had no faith in any sort of treatments because of the past results.  But today after having gone through seven treatments with Dr Lin my life is getting back to normal.


I can now have peaceful sleeps, I walk and also often tempted to have a little run and most of all I am confident that with Dr Lin I will be 100% fit someday soon.



Thank you Dr Lin for giving me my life back.

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