The writer is 64 years young and suffers from Diabetes Mellitus which is reasonably well controlled by diet and tablets.


Recently, a minor accident scratched the skin just behind the ankle of the right leg, an area of approximately 4cms by 5cms.  Some slight surface bleeding took place which was staunched, the wound cleaned and no further thought was given to it.


Twenty four hours later, the pain was intolerable and the diagnosis was that the wound had turned septic.  Antibiotics were prescribed and five days later the ankle was swollen, the pain was frightful and a repeat prescription ordered.  It was soon apparent that these drugs were having no effect so the antibiotic was changed for a stronger one and complete bed-rest at home for five days was prescribed with hospitalisation as an alternative.


After five days, no improvement was apparent to the help of Dr LIN was sought.  She diagnosed that poor circulation in the lower leg had to be addressed and a course of acupuncture was recommended.  After four treatments, the discolouration around the ankle was seen to be improving, the wound was starting to heal and the pain and swelling were noticeably reduced.


This improvement has continued, the wound was fully healed by day 30 following the incident and swelling no longer occurs.


I am very impressed with the healing effect of acupuncture on the recovery process and also the improvement in appearance of the discolouration around the ankle area.







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