Dear Dr Lin


I am writing this letter to let you know that after receiving acupuncture treatment from you the problem that I experienced with my back over many years, in fact since the age 15 – my age is now 65, has completely cleared up and I never experience any pain.


During my early 30’s, the doctors advised me to have an operation to prevent me from eventually being in a wheel chair.  I was far too scared to face this option and subsequently continued my life in daily pain.  There were times when I was unable to get onto my feet and had to crawl around on the floor on my hands and knees because of the pain.


I always felt that there must be something other than having an operation that would repair the damage to my back.  I found you at a Body, Mind and Spirit Fair.  From that first appointment with you there was a definite change.  I was able to walk a lot easier than previously.  I now walk freely and with absolutely no pain. 


Also my husband received treatment from you for gout.  He has fortunately not experienced the severe symptoms since your treatment.


We both tell people about your treatments and what you have done for us and how they also can be relieved of pain and any other problems that they may be experiencing.


May you continue with your wonderful work for many years to come.


Yours in Light and Love.


Diana and Bill Greyvenstien

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