Letter of Recommendation


Two years ago I travelled to Europe on holiday, when after a few days I discovered that my left eye could not open completely and I had difficulties estimating distances and walking up stairs.  After a while, my eye was completely closed.


I was in Hamburg at this time and was referred to a well-known clinic.  I was examined from head to toe and was referred to three more clinics.  All doctors assured me that I had a very rare condition.


After a further four weeks, I fell in the street as my legs gave in under me. I was again admitted to hospital, the University Clinic and stayed in ICU f or ten days. I was again th oroughly checked out, a brain scan, blood tests and all this resulted in the diagnosis of Myasthenia Fravis, a condition where the nerve impulses to the muscles were insufficient.


The prescription consisted of 25 tablets per day which sometimes helped and other times worsened.  The told me that this was something I had to live with.  The dosage would then be increased.


After this I returned to South Africa with the partially closed eye.  Friends told me about Dr. Calinda Lin in Durban who works with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  She has treated me for over two months, and slowly took me off the medication.  My eye has improved substantially and I can drive my car again.  The affected eye remains open all day and my general health has improved and I feel much better.


I thank Dr Lin and I recommend her to others who have problems.


I thank God and once again Dr Lin for the help I have received.


Yours sincerely

Egon Krahuer

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