Letter of Recommendation


To whom it may concern:


I visited Dr Lin as she was recommended to me by someone who had been very successfully helped by her.  I had been suffering from lower back pain for about 2 years and had been to numerous doctors and specialists for tests after tests.  After a very costly, few months, no one could tell me why my back was aching the way it was.  Dr Lin took the pain away in a matter of a few treatments and my back has been doing very well since the.  While being treated for my back I mentioned to her that I had been trying to fall pregnant for almost two years.  The doctors had put me on fertility pills and were also keen to operate, something that I was very nervous about.  Dr Lin told me to give her two months and she said she would be able to help me.  True to her word, two months later I was pregnant and now am the proud mother of a beautifully, healthy baby girl.


Thank you very much Dr Lin for what you have done for me.  You have given me faith in the healing powers of acupuncture.


Grateful patient


K. Jivan

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