I, Laura Murphy would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Calinda Lin for giving me my life back. One day just out of the blues I got very dizzy not having an idea it was going to linger on and get worse for 4 and a half years. Every single day I would wake up, to find I was dizzy, it was like been on a merry-go-round continuously. At first I thought it would go as quick as it came but to no avail. Eventually I went to my doctor and after numerous occasions, he would tell me it’s fluid in the ears, “inner ear infection” and then prescribe tablets for the inner ear, but there was no change. I went for about 4 to 5 visits, by this time he became confused so he took a full blood count test from me, that came back clear, so I was sent to an ear, nose and throat specialist who then sent me for scans (brain scans) but it all came back clear, specialist put it down to what he thought may be crystals in the ear.


He sent me off to an ear physio but by this time I’m falling just about every step I took, downstairs, in public, at home, in fact anywhere. By this time I am feeling so low, depressed, and every time I fell I would hurt myself. The physio gave me head exercises to do, which never helped at all. Then I thought let me try a homeopath maybe that might help. Believe me I was on treatment for a month from homeopath no signs of dizzy leaving, by this time I am beyond myself, life is just not worth living, then on top of it, it gave me a bladder problem, and I had an op, which was not a success, so yes depression set in quiet seriously.


My partner told me about Dr. Lin, as she had dislocated her wrist and was healed, so I thought well ok, I will try Dr Lin, well here I am smiling again feel like living, as she has treated me for dizziness and my bladder. Now I walk with my head straight, it is like a new lease on life for me, to wake up in the morning without being dizzy.


WOW, thanks Dr. Calinda Lin, for helping me, May God Bless you today, tomorrow and in the future, you have such an amazing gift. After a few sessions with Dr. Lin I experienced the most amazing feeling. I went to a shopping mall to pay an account, while standing in the queue, I felt this hot feeling throughout my body, then suddenly I could feel I’m wearing long pants, which I also never felt before because with this illness I had for some unknown reason, my legs had no feelings, nor my feet or hands they were always cold. Now this warmth came over me, now my hands, my feet, and my legs stay warm again.


Wow, this all happened by my 4th visit to Dr. Lin, my 5th visit my bladder eased, but by the 2nd visit I could feel my dizziness easing up. Dr Lin you relieved my dizziness, my circulation and my bladder. What can I Say, but a big THANKS as I can live again, this time without falling thanks to you.



Laura Murphy.

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