Words of Wisdom




e Cheerful

A cheerful person is a true public benefactor.  He gladdens the hearts of all.  There is no friend like cheer.  The contagion of cheer has wonderful effects.  It instantly transforms depression into brightness, sickness into health.  Cheerfulness is a habit of mind.  A cheerful person enjoys peace of mind at all times.






alanced Mind

Keep a calm and balanced mind under all conditions.  You have to train and discipline the mind. Even though it is not easy, it is worth practising.  You will enjoy peace of mind.  He who can maintain a balanced mind in all situations is really strong.  He is always happy.  To get this happiness one has to make an effort.






e Strong

I have no such words as “cannot”, “difficult”, “impossible”, and “weakness” in my dictionary.  Those who are attempting to strengthen their will-force have to remove these words from their dictionary also.  They are the expressions of a weakling.  They are the expressions of a timid woman.






hink Correctly

“As you think, so do you become.”  Remember this most important law of thought.  If you think that you are strong, you will be strong; If you think you are weak, you will soon become weak; If you think you are a fool, you will turn out to be a fool; If you think you are a saint, you will become a saint.












Think carefully, speak truthfully, decide correctly, talk softly, act faithfully, live honestly, work diligently, behave properly.  You are bound to succeed in any walk of life. You will enjoy peace of mind and happiness.  You will have a pure conscience. You will enjoy the inexhaustible spiritual wealth.


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