I am a male~ 29 years of age and I had been Diagnosed by different eye specialists with a condition known as dry eye syndrome. The symptoms i experienced comprised of redness in the eyes, buming~ grittiness and even headaches. The problem started when I was 23 years old & the medication prescribed by doctors provided me with no relief at all. For just over 6 years i suttered with these symptoms which affected the quality of my life in many respects. I tried many different options to combat and overcome this debilitating problem and I have spent a fortune trying to relieve the symptoms with no positive results.

A family member had recommended me to Dr Calinda Lin who specialises in accupuncture and after a few treatments I noticed a positive change in the symptoms which use to persist on a daily basis. It was the tirst time in ages that 1 actually felt relief. I am now 29 years old and my dry eye symptoms are now a thing of the past.

It is very pleasing to know that accupuncture can help with various medical issues. It certainly helped me a great deal especially when i thought all hope was lost.

For me personally, 1 would recommend you to aU those who experience pain & discomfort. Accupuncture worked forme & restored me to the person I use to be and I win not look back.

Thank you Dr. Un for being the gifted individual that you are and tor giving me hope when I needed it the most.


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