In sheer desperation with a nasty sinus problem, I plucked up courage to try acupuncture. Because my only concern was t9. But the major sinus problem fixed, I did not tell Dr Calinda Lin of the other minor problems.

To cut a long story short Dr. Lin (and her wonderful team 1 sorted out my sinus problem, plus a series of bonuses as my other health problems cleared.

- I started to sleep well (not done that for years).

- The spider veins on my legs started to fade.

- The large varicose veins on my legs (legacy of theater nursing) have

become smaller and less uncomfortable.

- The beginnings of arthritis, the achingjoints are back to being normal.

- An Improvement in my immune system.

- An Improvement in my digestive system.

- A little bit of weight loss.

I am a lady who has just hit 60, so I had a bit of middle age spread - well lets be honest belly fat which is being zapped by Dr. Lin and it is melting away.

I am very grateful to have my health back and be feeling and looking so much better.

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