My name is Ahmed Rasheed and I came to you with excruciating pains on my hands, legs and shoulders. 1 could not walk, lift my hands over my head because the pain was so severe. I also went for an operation on both my hands and this did not ease the pain. It was only after my visit to you and the treatment which you had given to me that the pain subsided.

I tfied quite a few of other doctors, and was even admitted in hospital but nothing helped me. I was then referred to you by a mutual friend and made an appointment to see you. After my consultations with you I had noticed a remarkable difference with the treatments and medication. Your treatment was successful, I can now sleep at night without any pain.

I have also returned to you for more medication because it helped me tremendously. I will certainly recommend you to other people out there who has similar problems. I thank you greatly for your help and I am really appreciative that I can live a normal life without suffering from the pains.

God has placed you on this earth with such a great purpose of helping others with all kinds of sicknesses and 1 want to emphasise that your remedy is truly awesome because it works, it heals. May God bless you with continued wisdom in treating all those who come to you and may he continue to keep you under his care.

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