Thank you so much Dr. Calinda Lin.

You have saved my life, you have made my live better, given me hope andjoy

                                                                        and I will always be greatful to you.     .

I was told that I would be on heavy medication and antibiotics my whole life, the side eflects alone were awful, my body never felt like mine and I

                                                                           never got the results I wanted.        .

I was on anti depressants, mood stabilizers and tranquilizers, given to me from being diagnosed as bi-polar after 45 min with a psychiatrist, I was on the pill because I was told my ovaries do not work and will never produce the right amount of hormones and therefore I will always be on the pill and suffer from acne, even though while on the pill I gained weight and my skin barely cleared.

Now thanks to Dr Lin I am medication free, I feel wonderful, I know I am not bi-polar, my skin is good and I am happy with energy for the first time in years.

21 sessions with Dr Lin saved me from a lifetime of painful problems, side effects from pills, and doctors fees. The cost of the acupuncture has saved me from the thousands I would have been spending over the years. I am 26 and all the medication I was on I was told I would have to be on for life.

1 am free Dr. Lin, Thank you. Not only has the acupuncture been amazing, but Dr Lin has been kind, supportive, gracious and shared with me her deep wisdom and profound advice.

I have recommended hero my family and friends, for migraines, arthritis, skin problems, smoking, vision, bealing and they have all ben just as please as 1 have, and all recommend her just the same.

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