I had severe chest pains and on visiting m;· G .P. he advised I see a cardiologist. My cardiologist did a thorough cheek on me and also did blood tests. He found out that I had very high cholesterol and began to treat me immediately.

After one year of treatment and being on a very strict diet my cholesterol did not reduce at all, so my cardiologist changed my medication. Another year passed and my cholesterol still had not reduced to required levels. That was when my friend Bobby introduce me to Dr. Calinda Lin.

Dr Calinda Lin began to treat me for high cholesterol using acupuncture and herbal tablets. She also asked that I continue using my cardiologist's medication as welL A further year passed by and I did get blood tests and then visited my cardiologist. My cardiologist was pleased that at last my treatment with him was working well because my cholesterol level had reduced to an acceptable level.

I then explained that acupuncture treatment did the trick and my cardiologist could not believe me. Dr Calinda Lin successfully controlled my high cholesterol.

I recommend anyone with high cholesterol to consult Dr CaIinda Lin. She can successfully treat you.

I thank you Dr Calinda Lin for having helped me with my problem which I had for many years.

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