I am a 50year old female who had a problem with Abnormal Uterine

Bleeding (Menorrhagia). I visited my Gynaecologist who did a scan and said that I had bleeding fibroids and he prescribed medication that did not work. On my next visit a week late he did another scan and suggested another medication (chronic) for 5 years or hysterectomy. I opted for the medication and the bleeding got worse and I had excruciating pains in my uterus.

A friend suggested I visit Dr. Lin. The following day I went to Dr Lin. When Dr Lin interviewed me before treatment she said that the energies in the body were not in balance and that she could fix it She also suggested I stop the medication given to me by my Gynaecologist. I had 5 acupuncture treatments with some herbal tablets and the problem was sorted.

I visited my gynaeoologist about 6 weeks late. I told him that the bleeding had stopped and that I stopped the medication. When he did a scan again he said that he was very happy with my condition. The lining of the uterus was good and there 'were no more bleeding fibroids. He also did not have a problem with me stopping the medication he had prescribed.

Thanks to Dr Lin. May God bless you.

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