During my life I have had many health Issues and so I finally reached a stage when I just didn't even want to think about another health problem. But life's never perfect, and suddenly I began developing a tingling sensation, severe numbness, muscle weakness and excruciating pain at first on my face and neck areas, then my fingers, followed by my entire arm, hands, legs and back of my body. I could not understand or explain what was happening to me, but I realised that the symptoms were getting worse. Without any hesitation I rushed off to the family Doctor who diagnosed me with muscle spasms brought about by stress and prescribed relaxants and pain killers.

He also requested that since I had just been to the dentist I should re-visit and query If perhaps a nerve had been Injured during the capping of my tooth. I followed his treatment plan and his request to see my dentist and after tooth X-rays was assured that It could not possibly be a tooth problem that had caused such a situation. So just to ensure that no Infection had set under the tooth,the dentist had prescribed a set of antibiotics for me to take as well which I diligently took timeously. Even with the medication from both the doctor and dentist I found that this condltlon was only deteriorating. The dentist upon re­visitation referred me to a MaxiofaclaUstlmmediately who found nalblng wrong with my teeth and mouth regions and his diagnosis compiled with that of my family doctor and now prescribed yet agaln another stronger course of antibiotics, which I began taking. He also mentioned that I should my condition not Improve after this I will have to be then referred to a Neurologist. I just hoped and prayed everyday that somehow with the medication and time I will finally recover, but UNFORTUNATELY, that never happened.

After spending a huge amount of money onvar!ous treatments, doctors and specialists visits, I was at a stage where I knew that this was something serious, and could perhaps lead to something even worse. Six weeks later I finally visited a neurologist who immediately diagnosed me with a Herbianated Disc, commonly referred to as a "Slipped-Disc" or a "Pinched-Nerve" which occurs when the gel layer which Is situated between each vertebra that acts a shock absorber bas ben worn out or damaged allowing the vertebrae collapses end applies pressure onto the nerves. In order to confirm the diagnosis I had to undergo net'Ye and MRI tests which proved the diagnosis correct. A new course of medication, immediate hospltalisatlon with traction Is what I endured and this helped ease the pain and numbness. I was Informed lhatthls ailment there is no cure. Only medication and surgery were the options available. II was then, that It suddenly struck me that I had enough and that I shall now seek natural remedies instead. Dr Calinda lIn came highly recommended and although I was terrified at the thought of needles, to my astonishment I discovered that I barely fill or knew when the treatment had been administered. Dr. Un constantly comforted and reassured me that eventually I will heal and my condition shall gradually Improve and finally I shall see a full recovery. It sounded like what every doctor would say, but for some reason this onetime I Immediately felt a sense or hope and it was just after my first treatment that I begun seeing an improvement and four treatments later was able to function normaliy with dally activities. My condition seemed to be improving after every visit. In my opinion Dr. Callnda Lin Is like "an Angel In disguise" whose purpose is to help heal. Apart from being a warm,klnd and patient person she Is also gifted by having "healing hands". I firmly believe that together with the expertise, Imowledge and practice of traditional Chinese Medicine that she POSSelses, makes her the best in herfleld of work and I highly recommend Dr. Callnda lin to anyone seeking health assistance.



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