I am an 18 year old male who used to suffer and experience a lot of  severe lower back pain , bladder pains and excruciating burning urine to the point where i used to bleed. For the past three years my parents have taken me to different doctors , urol.ogists and certain specialists  , all to no avail or benefit . My Matric year became difficult with the continuous running to doctors appointments and the countless tests  and painful procedures being done on me, even to the point where i have been admitted , yet no problems were solved and costs were becoming too much for my parents.

After reading the various recommendation letters in Dr. Calinda Lin's booklet ,  my parents had decided that we had nothing to lose and that I go for Acupuncture treatment. After my first treatment , I had no back pain , something which the medical doctors did not even look at solving. After just another three treatments and herbal medication , I am feeling like I haven't felt in three years . Dr. Lin managed to do something that other doctors baffled with , she managed to cure me of all pains and bleeding.

Dr. Lin's surgery is like a place of sanctuary filled calmness and peacefulness . She made me comfortable with the surroundings , her always smiling staff and secretary and her  warmness . That already played a major role in making me feel better and enhanced myself in recovering.

I am grateful and appreciate everything Dr. Lin has done for me . I hope and pray that she only grows from strength to strength and continues the good work she does in curing others and bringing happiness and glee to their lives.

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