My name is Stanley Joseph and I am a 61 year old retiree. I have been plagued by constant , excruciating lower back pain for the last 20 years . Fifteen years ago I underwent 2 major lower back surgeries to rectify the problem.

Even after the operations I experienced recurring lower back pain and tried to self medicate to remedy the symptoms . Unfortunately nothing seemed to help.

It was then that I sought alternative healing methods to find relief from my debilitating  condition . I was lucky enough to pick a pamphlet of Dr. Lin's treatment facility in a shopping mall and decided to try Acupuncture Therapy.

I was amazed by the results of Dr. Lin's treatment . I have thus far been treated in four separate sessions. The pain I was experiencing began to diminish almost immediately after I began the treatments. It was an overwhelming relief to finally be rid of the pain that has plagued me for so long.

I am able to confidently recommend Dr. Lin to anyone who is suffering from any ailments. Any skeptisicm will be dispelled after experiencing the effectiveness of her treatment. She is a friendly benevolent soul who has assisted me beyond my wildest expectations.

I wish to express my undying gratitude to Dr. Calinda Lin for her help.

Yours faithfully

Stanley Joseph

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