I am most grateful to have been persuaded , by a family member living overseas to seek Acupuncture treatment , and feel blessed to have been treated by Dr. Lin.

As a 66 year old female I have been hampered for many years by an old sports related ankle injury. This forced me to walk unevenly as I was unable to lift my one heel , and basically walked flat foot. I could not run at all., nor walk very far , and found it very difficult to walk up or down stairs. Over the years I have seen several doctors , taken many anti-inflammatories , had inserts made to wear in my shoes , had injections as well as using different kinds of bandages and strapping etc. This was all to no avail as the pain and swelling persisted . My quality of life was adversely affected . I was advised that I needed an operation which required a minimum of 6 weeks on crutches. I was reluctant to go for the operation and decided to try Acupuncture.

I can honestly say that my first impressions were all positive . From my telephone request for an appointment to the clearly signed premises , which are easy to find , with abundant  parking and most attractive planted areas , all very well kept. The sloped entrance with a hand rail reflects consideration for patients, and the  waiting room with so many dragonflies and butterflies around the walls , as well as the lovely picture and water feature , gives one an immediate sense of tranquility and peace . However the friendly welcome from all the staff at reception was even more heartwarming.  Later I was to see just how efficient they were in handling payments  and checking the correct Chinese herbs for each patient.

On meeting Dr. Lin , I realised immediately that she takes an interest  in the general health and well being of her patients and is very adapt at noting any irregularities . Dr. Lin explained her method of treatment and advised mer that she would give me some Chinese herbal tablets as well. I was very comfortable during treatment and also appreciated the caring attention of the staff. The background music is also very soothing, in a wonderful , relaxing and pleasant cubicle. I am still amazed at the amazing effects of Acupuncture . Dr. Lin is undeniably gifted with her medical knowledge and healing hands. I can hardly believe that just after a few sessions I am able to walk normally again! Dr. Lin has also treated my lower back and shoulder and theses problem areas have also responded favourably . I am most grateful to Dr. Lin and I am very happy to recommend her dedicated services. Thanks be to God for Dr. Lin!

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