When I started going to Dr. Calinda Lin , I was suffering from exceedingly high blood pressure , lower back pain and my emotions were in a turmoil. Having consulted with a physician specialist in Johannesburg , who put me on a cocktail of drugs, I was feeling quite desperate. He had also told me that he could not promise me longevity! As a result I had an extreme case of '' white coat syndrome '' ( fear of doctors ) and i was suffering from severe anxiety that I was following in my mother's and grandfather's footsteps . They both passed away at young age as a result of uncontrollable hypertension and resultant heart attacks .

At my first consultation with Dr. Lin, I had a very good feeling and a sense of positivity . I felt that I could trust her and there was hope.

The other day I heard a patient asking Dr. Lin when her hand would be better. She had only had one acupuncture treatment. Dr. Lin patiently replied to give it time , continue with her treatment and that she wasn't a magician ! Well Dr. Lin might not be a magician but she is definitely blessed with a very special gift of healing . I pray regularly for her to be able to continue to use her exceptional gift to heal many more people in the years to come .

Every visit to Dr. Lin is calming and positive experience . Her staff are very friendly , gentle and compassionate and I am grateful that I have been able to meet people with their beautiful qualities. Bless them.

I am overjoyed to say that my blood pressure is within acceptable limits . I feel happy and positive and no longer fear having my blood pressure tested. I have only had three treatments for my lower back and there has been a vast improvement already. I have been on hormone replacement therapy for the past fifteen years . Despite many attempts to wean myself off it, I find the hot flushes and night sweats unbearable . As a bonus for having Acupuncture with Dr. Lin , I have been able to go off HRT for good.

Dr. Lin is a  very compassionate and positive person . I encourage prospective patients to put their trust in her , her acupuncture treatments and her gift of healing  Her treatment rid the body of blockages  and allow your body to heal itself with the addition of natural herbal medicine . I feel very blessed to have been able to experience Dr. Lin 's healing touch. To make my story all the more miraculous .......... she was recommended to me by my General Practitioner!!!

I believe I was divinely guided to Dr. Lin.

This recommendation comes with my sincere gratitude and love to Dr. Lin and her staff.

God Bless you all.

Lois Strong


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